Atesh K. – On and On [RB033] is Out.

Atesh K. – On and On [RB033]


Atesh K. – On and On [RB033]

RB033 is a powerfull release for the dance floor. The title track ‘On and On’ is a grooving tech house track. ‘Forward’ has its power from the synth line and solid beats and bass combination. ‘Peach Flavoured’ on the other hand, is a deep house influenced  tech house track with easy beats, pads and house chords…

Supported by DJ Sneak, Arjun Vagale, Sascha Krohn, Johan Dresser, Ferhat Albayrak, Matteo Gatti, The Mekanism, Luca Maniaci, Gabriel ferreira, alex Joung, Ben Taufel, JJ Mullor, Redub!, Christian Bonori and many more…

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Atesh K. – On A Misson [RB032] is Out…

Atesh K. – On A Misson [RB032] is out now.


Atesh K. – On a Mission

1 – Atesh K. – On A Mission

2 – Atesh K. – Night Walk

3 – Atesh K. – Sonic Injection

4 – Atesh K. – On A Mission (Dub Mix)‘

Techno, techno, techno’ would be nice description for this one. It’s a mission of techno accomplished nicely with pounding originals and a vocal dub mix of the title track.  ‘Night Walk’ is the dark one. ‘Sonic Injection’ is a stripped down techno track.

Supported by Arjun Vagale, Johnny Kaos, Sascha Krohn, d-phrag, Adoo, Dale Middleton, Elias R, JJ Mullor, Fractious, Alessan Main, Ferhat Albayrak, Redub!, Someone Else and many others…

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Atesh K. – The Unknown [RB031] is out Now..!

Atesh K. – The Unknown [RB031] is out Now..!

Regular Beats Records

Atesh K. – The Unknown

Atesh K. – The Unknown [RB031]

1 – Atesh K. – The Unknown

2 – Atesh K. – Edges Of Dawn

3 – Atesh K. – The Unknown (Argy K Remix)


This is a deep and dark release from Atesh K. ‘The Unknown’ is a bass groove progresses into a dark vocal riff. It comes with a techno remix by Argy K but in between there is ‘Edges Of Dawn’. Drifting synths, sliding bass line and beats are put together to create the sad and dark feeling of the track. Its an unusual release for the label but we are feeling it…

Suppoted by Arjun Vagale, Nihil Young, Dantiez saunderson, JP Chronic, JJ Mullor, BaAus, Kaiser Souzai, Johan Dresser, Horatio, Dale Middleton, Lowboys, Dhyan Droik, Redub, Christian Bonori and many more…

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Alessandro Ronk’s – IN Vision [RB030] is out..!

Alessandro Ronk’s – IN Vision [RB030] including Atesh K. Remix is out exclusivle on beatport today.

Alessandro Ronk's - In Vision

Alessandro Ronk’s – In Vision


1 – Alessandro Ronk’s – IN Vision

2 – Alessandro Ronk’s – Inner Glow

3 – Alessandro Ronk’s – IN Vision (Atesh K. Remix)


Alessandro Ronk’s delivered two nicely produced tech house tracks for the 30th release. ‘IN Vision’ is a deep tech house track with some nice bass groove. ‘Inner Glow’ is equipped with plastic beats and bass patterns that have the minimal feel. Finishing of the ep is with an Atesh K. remix. Opposing to the original it’s a groovy, funky house track.

Supported by Kaiser Souzai, Johan Dresser, Arjun Vagale, The Meknaism, JJ Mullor, One Million Toys,  Mario Ferrini, Redub!, Christian Bonori, Dhyan Droik and many more…

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Atesh K. – Tech Beat [RB029] Out Now On Beatport…

Atesh K. – Tech Beat [RB029] Out Now On Beatport…


Atesh K. – Tech Beat [RB029]

This is another tech house release from Atesh K. ‘Gates Of Time’ is a fully loaded ‘hands in the air’ type of track. Powered with groovy beats and catchy melodies. ‘Tech Beat’ is a straight pounding groove with hypnotic synth lines. ‘Sex Drone’ finished the ep with some sexy beats and synths…

Supported by Arjun Vagale, Namito, Oliver Klein, The Mekenaism, Gabriel Ferreira, Kaiser Souzai, Dave Angel, Someone Else, D-Deck, Fractious, Dale Middleton, Ferhat Albayrak, Redub! and many others…

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Atesh K. – Red Planet [RB028] Out Exclusive on Beatport.

Atesh K. – Red Planet [RB028] is now out exclusively on Beatport.

First release of 2014 is more minimalistic than the recent releases on the label but still has the energy and the grooves to move the dance floor… The feeling comes from the synth lines in ‘Moon Landing’ and ‘Slow Motion’ and ‘Red Planet’ has the grooves.

Supported by Nicole Moudaber, Arjun Vagale, Alex Mine, Nihil Young, The Mekanism, Ferhat albayrak, Johan Dresser, Ortin Cam, Different Language, Mattew Jay, Gabriel Ferreira, D-Deck,  Ben Teufel, Adoo, Stanny Frenssen, JJ Mullor and many others…

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‘Regula Music For Irregular People Vol. 1’ is out now.

‘Regula Music For Irregular People Vol. 1’ is out now globally.

“Regular Music For Irregular people Vol. 1” is out now blobally on Regular Beats Records. Including tracks by Manu P, Weltenwandler, Atesh K., Daniel Suarez-Dhyan Droik, Argy k, Michele Rossetti -AkA- Redub, Bice B ᴰᴶ, Stefano Hologram De Tullio and Mustafa Goze

The first compilation album on the label. Featuring talented artists/producers around the world. Each of them having their style ranging from techno to minimal and tech house; some darker, some groovier , some deeper…

Supported by Paco Osuna, Repton, Daniel Bortz, NYMA, Johnny Kaos, JJ Mullor, Ferhat Albayrak, Johan Dresser, The Mekanism, Manel Diaz, Moog Conspiracy, Fractious, Luca Maniaci, Andrea Colina, Gabriel Marchisio, Amine Edge, Luca Lento, Edy Ramas, Danny-D, Anderson Noise, Mauro Alpha, Antony PL, Ronnie Matthews, Forest People and many others..

‘Regular Music For Irregular People Vol. 1’ on beatport

‘Regular Music For Irregular People Vol. 1’ on Junodownload