‘Regular Music For Irregular People Vol. 2’ Is out now.

Regular Music For Irregular People Vol. 2



Its time for the 2nd volume of ‘Regular Music For Irregular People’ compilation. This year we have tracks that go from electronica to techno. We start with the minimalist track called Analog Machines by the lable owner followed by another solid minimal track by Matteo Gatti. Netx we have 4 lockal producers. Rutin is a techno track by Barish Baron followed by Argy K’s mellow and minimistic electronca piece. As the next track glitch genious Asi delivers a melodic glitch/idm track. Than we go back to some serious club tunes with Key which is the first release of Sermet Cakmak. Second half starts with a pounding techno track by Ozan Kanik followed by a groovy minimal techno track by Coskun Yorulmaz. Next is another pounding techno killer by Radio Complex. While approaching to the end we have Dot by Jerome Ferry which is a melodic techno track. For Where Are You? Atesh K. collaborated with Patricia H for the funny but groovy tech house track followed by the moody ,deep tech house track by Christian Bonori & Paul S-Tone. Finishing track comes from another local musician Inal Bilsel with an easy going goovy house track.

Regular Music For Irregular People Vol. 2 [RB035]

01. Atesh K. – Analog Machines
02. Matteo Gatti – Kambooza
03. Barish Baron – Rutin
04. Argy K – A Rainy Day
05. Asi – New Home
06. Sermet Cakmak – Key
07. Ozan Kanik – The Endocrine System
08. Coskun Yorulmaz – Hookie Pookie
09. Radio Complex – Smoke & Cancer
10. Jerome Ferry – Dot
11. Atesh K., Patricia H – Where Are You?
12. Christian Bonori & Paul S-Tone – Music
13. Inal Bilsel – How To Party

RB035 on Beatport

RB035 on Junodownload


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